Lilac—the color and the flower—symbolizes a first love. Whether you're having your first child or second or fourth, we know every baby comes with a first love kind of feeling. And we believe in bringing those first loves into the world in the best way possible!



Birth Doula

A doula's main purpose is to provide physical and emotional support during the birth process, we are also here to help you sift through the overwhelming information available, be a resource with evidence-based knowledge, and even simply lend a listening ear when you need it most.


Postpartum Doula

After you give birth can be a fragile time as you step into the role of motherhood. During this season of transition, it is important that you and your family have the support you may need as you recover both physically and emotionally. The postpartum doula will provide tailored support that allows you to focus on bonding and recovery.


Childbirth Education

There is so much information to be learned about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, and we are here to help! The Intuitive Birth childbirth classes cover all the elements needed to prepare for your birth experience, including evidence-based information about natural unmedicated, hospital, birth center, and home births as well as information on epidurals and cesareans.


Placenta Encapsulation

Many women report that their placenta capsules have helped them with increased milk supply, decreased feelings of imbalance, improved energy, reduced fatigue, and much more. 


Lactation Support

Whether this is your first, second or fifth baby, breastfeeding is a learning journey for mother and baby. Sometimes we expect breastfeeding to be simple, but find obstacles that were not anticipated. No mother should feel unable to nurse her little lilac, and that is why we offer lactation support—to meet mothers where they are in their breastfeeding journey and help them to create a positive and enjoyable experience!


Belly Binding

Though postpartum is a season to give yourself much grace, many new mothers find the use of belly binding to provide support as their body journey's back from carrying a little lilac for over nine months. A common practice of Bengkung Belly Binding involves the process of using long, thin muslin fabric to wrap the abdomen from the lower hips to just under the breasts at the rib-cage. The Bengkung method of belly binding is most well-known with many Asian cultures.


Your birth experience. Your family. Your little lilac.

Our only priority.