10 Benefits of a Holistic Approach

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Holistic health care focuses on an individual caring for their mind, body, and soul through various methods. The holistic approach takes into consideration a whole person versus mainstream medicine of looking simply at presenting symptoms to diagnose.

Today, many individuals will utilize holistic care to identify and treat the root cause of illnesses, diseases or other health problems. For those of us familiar with the holistic care and the various approaches, we know the benefits, but for many, these benefits often cannot be heard enough.

One. The holistic approach reaches the root cause. Since the holistic approach takes into account the whole person it works to eliminate the disease through changes in habits, including activities, menu, and focus on self.

Two. Since you are focused on your whole self and reaching the root cause, you often see a path that brings relief to your symptoms quicker. We know medicine tends to mask symptoms, and often lead to new symptoms. Whereas, with number and number two, you are working to eliminate the cause to the symptoms.

Three. Another major benefit is often the improvement of your general health. Maybe you have frequent headaches, but find through a holistic approach you gain energy you didn’t know you were lacking. Often we don’t know the whole picture we are dealing with until we start to find relief.

Four. A more whole foods based diet is one of the leading causes to improvement in symptoms and foundation to a holistic approach.

Five. Through the holistic approach we often learn vital education to our health. We gain a better knowledge about how our body functions and how to achieve our body for the best results.

Six. We learn of areas our body is lacking most and use holistic approaches to fuel our body with herbs, homeopaths, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, and so much more. Each playing a factor in improving your health! Through the continued education, we learn that sometimes medicine isn’t the best answer.

Seven. We gain awareness of the importance of holistic approaches throughout several areas of our lives. Beauty, home cleaning products, lifestyle choices, and so much more.

Eight. Holistic approaches involve invasive treatments. Treatments focus on identifying, healing, nourishing, soothing, centering and improving on your health. There are many different holistic treatments approaches including and not limited to acupuncture, acupressure, sauna’s, massage, healing touch, counseling, chiropractic, soft tissue release, and so much more!

Nine. There is no age limit for holistic care! Newborns, toddlers, children, teens, women, men, mothers, fathers, grandparents, everyone is a candidate to getting holistic care.

Ten. The holistic treatments can be combined with the conventional methods if circumstances allow so, especially if the goal is to totally cure and eliminate illness.

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Stacey Ritter