The Journey to the Wellness Collective

Health is something that can be easily taken advantage of. In fact, until you have some concerns, we often don’t think about our health beforehand.


Surprisingly though, that wasn’t the initial flames to the fire of starting the Wellness Collective.

So, rewind to August 22, 2016, the day of the birth of our son. This day is important because it marked the day of my realization of leaving behind an eight-year career of fundraising to support other families in their journey into parenthood, which would birth Little Lilacs Birth Services.

In the first year of serving families, a huge need became apparent. Many new mothers, shortly after birth would be dismissed from their providers care, and left to figure out this new space, alone. My heart broke, but just as I felt God’s direction in serving families as a Birth & Postpartum Doula, this journey would be led the same.

One day as my husband and I were discussing the dismissal of clients that I so often witnessed, he simply asked, “what if you opened a space that provided what they needed”. A beautiful, but the long journey would lead us here today, writing this blog about the Wellness Collective.

Here is the thing though, the Wellness Collective is not ours, but yours.

It was a vision laid upon our hearts that we have been blessed to bring to fruition.

Our goal for the Wellness Collective is to create a collaboration of independent practitioners to work together to bring high quality, holistic health care to our community.

Our heart is for you to obtain your best health! And we believe that one of the best ways to do that is to have access to quality providers that care about you as a person, diversity in care, and a community that is supportive.

Meet Stacey Ritter: Mother, Wife, Friend, Birth & Postpartum Doula. Stacey is passionate about supporting families from pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. In her own health journey, Stacey has become increasingly devoted to educating and spreading the word about holistic health options to the community.

Meet Nick Ritter: Husband, Father, Supporter, Entrepreneur. Nick is a creator of all things. If he sees a problem, soon there will be a solution. He is a skilled businessman, knowing that anything you do, you should give it your all and do it right. He believes health doesn’t fit in a box, and it is not about just one thing, but a collective of elements.